One day you will get excited about a multi cooker.


Look at her. Not a care in the world. Here I am on my wedding day, floating on a boat on Sydney Harbour with the Harbour Bridge and Opera House in the background. A well earned champagne and probably the first substantial piece of food I had eaten all day in my hands. I was so relaxed and happy in this moment. My wedding day was incredible. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I see this woman and I want to grab her and tell her how free she is in that moment! In less than a year I would be pregnant with my first daughter and then just under three years after that, daughter number two. I was in such a rush to do all the things I had planned to do.

I started thinking of all the things about my life now that I never could have predicted back then. What would I say to me if I could go back in time?

  • You regularly share and post on a Facebook page called “Meal planning for busy families” and you love it. You recently earned a ‘top fan’ badge. This makes you proud.
  • You really love the kids show Bluey and yesterday you shushed your kids during an episode because they were talking and you hadn’t seen that one yet.
  • If you have a few too many drinks on a night out you are not only ruined for the day after, but it is a good week before you feel fully recovered.
  • You sometimes feel overwhelmed with joy in anticipation of getting home and putting your pjs on.
  • Your kids are eight and almost six and they still don’t sleep through the night consistently.
  • You will become the mother you currently judge.
  • You will never look this good again. Your hair, make up, body and skin are all at their peak.
  • You will crave alone time and then when you get it you will miss your kids like crazy.
  • Marriage is not a sprint, it is a marathon and sometimes you will completely break down. Get help, make time for each other and have fun together. Remember it used to be just the two of you and one day it will just be the two of you again.
  • There will come a day when you realise you will never wear a g-string again because they are uncomfortable and horrible. Then, another day will come when all of your underwear is full brief and you no longer wear hipster anything.
  • The older you get, the more you realise that no-one is really looking at you as critically as you think they are. You aren’t that important.
  • You will pay off this wedding for a really, really long time so I am glad you are going to enjoy every, single moment!
  • Most importantly, you will be having so much fun dancing that you will forget to eat a slice of the cake you spent hundreds of dollars on. This will be something that you will think about for a long time afterwards. Take a moment and eat the damn cake.

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