Got ink?

I adore my tattoo. I have waited so many years to find a tattoo that I knew I would love forever. I thought about it on and off over the years, but I could never think of anything important enough to have permanently etched on my body. Then some stinky shit entered my families life … More Got ink?


I am lucky to have two children with no allergies. Pip, my six-year-old has an intolerance to gluten but it is very mild. When Pip was 10 months old, I gave her some dinner. It was homemade meatballs; she hadn’t had them before but loved them. I wasn’t sure how much actually made it into … More Allergies

I’m tired.

Keep going. Just keep swimming. Don’t give up. I am so tired of pushing forward all the time. When will it become easier and when will I just feel relaxed and happy again? I should be happy, I adore my girls and I have a good life. I just miss the days when I didn’t … More I’m tired.

The writer within?

I never thought I would write. I have always loved children and babies and I seem to have a natural connection to young children which they generally respond positively to. I adore making those connections and having fun with them. Initially I always thought I would become a primary school teacher. I loved the idea … More The writer within?

Birth is to parenting what your wedding day is to marriage.

I had a birth plan. It was beautiful. I was going to have dimmed lights, music playing and skin on skin contact as soon as possible. My “plan” was to be very mobile during labour and eventually, I would deliver on all fours because I figured gravity might help the process. I was scared, but … More Birth is to parenting what your wedding day is to marriage.